Sunday, May 2, 2010

Working toward your goals and motherhood

Single mothers are trying to get by in life with 1/3rd of the income. On top of that 45% are working 2 jobs and their child care costs are higher than what they spend on groceries. You definitely need support from loved ones. Even though single mothers are strong, detemine, ambitious and definitely a excellent multitasker, you need all the support you can so you can juggle working toward your goals and taking care of that baby. Trying to build wealth and security for the family on your own will be many obstacles and blockage so you have to have a consistent determination and positive attitude. You have to stay consistent and remind yourself that your success is around the corner. You are being a positive role model and leader to your children. They are following your steps to determination and success.

  1. You have to always be on a schedule
  2. You have to fit time to have a mother and child relationship
  3. Bedtime stories at night is always good
  4. Have your support team to have learning and fun activities to do with the children
  5. Dont get frustrated that you cant do everything you wanted to do towards your goals in a week due to parenthood-STAY CONSISTENT AND DETERMINE

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010


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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple backs VoIP calls over 3G networks for iPhone

Apple Inc. is allowing iPhone owners to use Internet calling services over cellular networks. Several companies offering Voice over Internet Protocol — or VoIP — services said this week that Apple now allows their applications to work on the iPhone. Two months after the FCC sent letters to Apple, Google, and AT&T Inc. — the iPhone's exclusive U.S. wireless carrier — AT&T said it had tweaked its technology to allow VoIP services on the iPhone to work over its 3G wireless network, even though the services challenge AT&T's core calling business. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on Thursday praised Apple's latest decision, calling it "an action that will create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and provide more choices for consumers." "VOIP IS THE LASTEST WEALTH TREND GET ON THE BAND WAGON" BE IN THE FRONT LINE OF THE NEXT WEALTH TREND"